Prone to Overthinking

“Prone to Overthinking” is an ongoing series created by Caterina Stambolic exploring the relationship between viewer and art object as that experience relates to how we experience reality both as shared beings and as individuals. The structures and patterns themselves take their cues from images of neurons, mapped cell structures, and brain scans. When considering the impact our brain chemistry has on the way we each experience life, these sculptures are designed to highlight the diversity inherent in our perception of them. They may shape light independently, but they rely on the position and movement of the viewer relative to the work.

The smalls in this series are currently on view with Blue Crow Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.  The other pieces are presented through the ArtWalk in the Square; this year the fair is online, and will go live on September 25th, 2020.

10% of sales will be donated to The Black Mental Health Matters Fund, organized by Susan and Yemi, co-founders of Black Mental Health Matters.  These pieces began as a way for me to explore my own experiences with depression and anxiety.  In alignment with my desire to use this work to investigate mental health and connect people, the initiative the money will be donated to seeks to support low/no cost virtual mental health care for Black clients in East York, Toronto, and across Ontario. 


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Large Works
Mid-Size Works
Little Gems

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