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           “Walk Through the Garden (Before Dawn, in the Fog)” is a practical examination of materials with a focus on time, experience, and interpretation of memory.  While some images are large enough to be seen from afar, most images are tiny and include two pictures: the positive, and the film negative.  With the distressed negative attached physically, the photograph becomes a unique artifact and cannot be reproduced.  This reflects how fleeting time and experience are; how both are altered through the lens of memory, and so easily.  With the size of these images, my intention Is to draw the viewer in to examine each images, and make connections to their own memories and experiences. 


                 The photos themselves were taken on a very foggy morning, just before dawn, as a friend and I explored the ravines around an old pharmaceutical factory.  The interventions on the film will hopefully aid in transporting you there with us into the atmosphere of that morning and allow you to experience our walk together.  

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