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Interior Oscillations

"Interior Oscillations" is part of the series: My Findings Suggest that there is No Fixed Reality.  This stage in investigation is a video combining sound, animation, movement and technology.  It uses the human body to express the inner thoughts and emotions which we conceal.  This video seeks to investigate the feelings of isolation, stress and loneliness often associated with depression and anxiety.  It is based in personal experiences Caterina Stambolic has encountered in her own journey with mental illness.  Production was made possible with the resources at Farside Studios, and the groundwork for the piece was laid there under the FAIR Program Residency. 

The creation process involved working collaboratively with students of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre to create short movement phrases based on word cues associated with different mental health symptoms.  Caterina’s interest in collaboration regarding this piece is integral to the final product as she did not want to explore themes surrounding mental illness in such a way that would isolate herself, the dancers, or the viewer.  She uses this project to unite people and bring them together instead of singling them out.  


Kristen Stambolic

Devon Snell

Roberto Soria

Nicola Adilman

This project has been on view at:

​       The Ontario Society of Artists' Emerging Artist Exhibition

       Farside Studio and Bar in collaboration with their Artist in Residence Program

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