Lost to the Cloud(s) is the culmination of a recent inquiry into dissecting tactile reality as experienced through memory and the physical body.  This process led me to research the implications of immortality in this digital age and the inherent failure to this myth: technology is progressing too fast to sustain any perceived form of "immortality".  Moving through our lives, we are creating intensely detailed documentations of every facet of the quotidian, inviting everyone and anyone to participate in the intimacies of life.  To contradict this, the devices on which we record these events become increasingly inaccessible.


          With each new software update, each new smart phone release, each new data storage innovation, one more story becomes inaccessible.  As this new software is released monthly, new innovations are pursued daily, the devices on which we store and document our lives are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate.  Lost to the Cloud(s) uncovers such unusable tech and uses it to create a graveyard of stories: peoples' lives completely inaccessible to translation as innovation leaves them in the dust.

Lost to The Cloud(s)

Lost to the Cloud(s)

Found Art Assemblage on Wood Panel




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