Caterina Stambolic is an Award winning multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario.  She graduated with a BA Honours Studio Art from Brock University in 2017 and her work has been shown in more than 40 shows since then.  Most recently, her work has been shown at Ontario Place’s 2019/2020 Winter Light Exhibition and will be participating in the upcoming 2021 60th Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.  Caterina works primarily in sculpture, photography and animation, but is always experimenting in new mediums. 

          Harnessing her own experiences with depression and anxiety, her work seeks to make sense of those feelings and create spaces where people can feel a sense of togetherness and peace.  This has led her to investigate how our brain chemistry, and specifically mental illness, affects so much of how we relate to our world on a physical level.  Currently, she is working on the ongoing series, “Prone to Overthinking.”  Using a variety of materials and experimental processes, she creates melted forms which mimic the chemical and electrical structures in our brains.  The materials allow for the passage of light, creating ever-shifting patterns on the surface below. 


            Moving forward, Caterina is interested in working with both local musicians and dancers to collaborate with and enhance interactive installations.  She is working towards a seamless multi-disciplinary interactive installation practice which showcases emerging artists from various disciplines within the local community.

               5% of all proceeds are donated to CAMH in alignment with their provincial mandate to build a better mental health system.